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Young horses can have bad teeth too!


Name - Shilvodan Castana

Sex - Mare

Colour - Chestnut

Age - 3 years old

Signs that Dentistry was required:-


  • Rolling hay

  • Lump on lower jaw (near side)

  • Lump on side of face (near side)

  • Rapid loss of condition

  • Dull coat

  • Lack of energy

  • Head-shy

This mare required advanced dentistry, something rarely required for a horse of this age

Sedation was provided by Voy Vet Group


  • Two retained caps where extracted.

  • The cap from the upper jaw was fractured.

  • The cap from the lower jaw had a long root still remaining. This left a space between the 3rd and 4th molar after extraction. This space means that she will need checked twice yearly (minimum) to ensure correct development of molars.

  • The sharp edges on her molars were removed.

The pictures below were taken 6 weeks apart.

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