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It costs £55 per horse/pony/donkey for a full dental check up if you live within the highlighted area in N. Ireland on the map below. New clients are welcome, but you must live within the highlighted area on the map.

This price includes

  • Coming to your house/yard

  • A thorough head examination

  • A thorough dental examination

  • Removal of sharp points and overgrowths
  • Flushing diastema and periodontal pockets
  • A digital record chart sent via email

In the rare event that sedation is required, this can either be in the form of an oral paste prescribed by your vet (eg Domosedan Gel) which I can administer, or by your vet coming to your yard to administer sedation via injection.

As a BEVA/BVDA qualified EDT, I can legally remove certain types of wolf teeth. In all cases of wolf tooth removal, your horse must be sedated by your vet. Sedation pastes are not an acceptable form of sedation for wolf tooth removal.

Legislation states that a qualified EDT can provide Category 1 and 2 dentistry treatments. Any cases that are more advanced than this (eg, fractured teeth, diastema widening) will be referred to an experienced vet.

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